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There is no happiness for him who does not travel. Therefore, wander.The fortune of him who is sitting sits, it rises when he rises,it sleeps when he sleeps, it moves when he moves. Therefore, wander! The Houseboats of Kashmir , unlike their counterparts in Kerala areusuallymoored at the edges of the Dal lake.Some of the houseboats were builtin the early 1900s, and are still being rented out to tourists.These houseboats are made of wood, and usually have intricately and carvedwood paneling. The houseboats are of different sizes, some havingup to three bedrooms apart from a living room and kitchen. Our floatingpalaces offer Houseboat vacations and Tailor made vacations in Kashmirand are easily affordable for your stay. On this web tour youwill find Luxury

Houseboats, Deluxe Houseboats and Standard Houseboats with a wide array of additional information for you to chooseand experience.Pleasant soundsof rolling waters, mist filled mornings,sunny afternoons and calm andserene evenings are some of the beautifulmoments that can be enjoyedin the land that is also sometimes calledthe Venice of the east. Kashmir is a land with a vast expanse of legendary lakes, that arewoven with an intricate network of canals and backwaters which famously makes it known as the houseboat capital ofIndia . A land dotted withnatural landscapes, exotic mountain valleys,picturesque villages andcomfortable houseboats, Kashmir has beenrightly pronounced as theParadise on Earth. Once you step in this smallHimalayan kingdom yourholidays change into a magical fantasy where youcan unwind and relaxyourself at our comfortable houseboats that arelocated at a quite andpeaceful location away from the city noise in theDal Lake . Imagineyourself about the fun when your planned tours areturned into excitingfishing trips, boating tours, leisure car safari's,sightseeing andexcursion trips across the valley. Our ultra modernhouseboats provideyou an opportunity to rediscover yourself and enjoythe royal treatsthat can make your visit to us a life time experienceand turn theminto memories that will be some of the cherished momentsthat you willever remember. If you have longed for the delights of thehouseboatholidays then step in and let us pamper you with our excellentservicesand comfort....

The kashmir houseboats are associatedclosely with the valley's culture andtraditions. Dating back to theBritish rule, houseboats became home tothese people after they weredenied land grants in the state. A brilliantidea that started fromconstructing small boats was laterrevolutionized with transformingthese boats into spacious modernstyled floating hotels. The houseboatsare all made of the finest cedarwood that follows with intricate walnutwood carvings, paneled wallsand tiled baths. Our boats are categorizedin the super deluxe categoryand each boat has an assorted number ofthree to four bedrooms with aprivate bath and wash room. The houseboatsalso have a fine dining areaand a lounge cum sitting room. Thehouseboats come complete with alarge front seated balcony, a sun deckand a small kitchenette. Wegenerally have a 24 hour power back up andclean water supply. Each ofour houseboats has a cook and a care takerwho work for you during yourentire stay. All of our houseboats have anattached boat that is placedunder your command. These small paddleboats can take you out into theopen lake or take you across on your wayfor any sightseeing. Wedefinitely know that once you visit andexperience us, you would alwaysfeel yourself back in your secondhome.We are engaged in all sorts oftravel and tour related services.

Kerala Houseboats

The Kettuvallam (houseboats in Kerala) was a large floating structure with high loading carrying capacity was a part of Kerala's culture and heritage over the past years. houseboats / Kettuvallam of Kerala could sail harnessing wild energy. A journey through the lagoon is interesting, passing through sleepy villages, busy boat jetties and vibrant celebrations. The boat glides across the shimmering blue waters with gorgeous green and fringed edges.The small cargo boats called Kettuvalloms are frequently used in the waterways for the above purpose. "Kettu" literally means to tie up and "Vallom" means " boats". The boats played a major role in the economic development of ancient Kerala, moving cargo and men from the very nook and corner of otherwise unreachable area, cutting across the length and breadth of the land.Fifty years ago, there were more than 5000 kettuvallom / houseboats in the backwaters of Kerala, mainly used for transporting goods.

Houseboats are olden day rice boats, which were used to carry the harvest from one part of the other place to go safely as eco friendly, no mechanized, centuries houseboats / Kettuvallam of Kerala have been roaming in the backwaters transporting men and materials to different destinations. Due to its sheer size and shape, Kettuvallam (houseboats) can carry load, which is more than thrice that of a cargo truck.It was the important mode of transportation in coastal Kerala just because of its accessibility to the most remote areas. As time passed, the scene changed gradually. Motorized road, rail and air transportation scored over the slow and staid country boat, with people opting for speed over charm. During the time when road and rail transportation was expensive or unavailable, traders used this as a form of main transportation in the inland waterways. The huseboats had enough facilities for cooking and sleeping for the boatmen. Sometimes boatmen's families also accompanied them. A standard houseboat, which could be about 100 feet long, can hold up to 30 tons, and that is as much as three big lorries can . For the royalty these houseboats even became comfortable living quarters. It was the important mode of transportation in coastal Kerala just because of its accessibility to the most remote areas. However, the scenario changed. Motorized road, rail and air transportation scored over the slow and staid country boat, with people opting for speed.

With Kerala becoming an increasing popular destination for tourists, houseboats / Kettuvallam in Kerala have been given a new lease of life. A cruise in the backwaters of Kerala with a houseboat is a remarkable experience, an opportunity to enjoy and contain an unhurried pace of life. Floating along on cool tranquil water one can experience at hand the unusual representation of Kerala life. Now a day’s environment friendliness has become the yardstick gauging the efficiency of transportation.Houseboats in Kerala is not only economical but also non-polluting and environment friendly. It thus became imperative that this mode of transportation be developed further and encouraged.

The tourist demand for an experience to get a feel of the Kerala shores brought the Kettuvallam in Kerala back to the waters in the restored form as houseboats. They were attracted by the simplicity and the originality of the form.

Houseboats Basic Structure

The hull is a series of wooden planks, long cut and carved by the expert hands of the carpenter, tied together using coir with coconut fibers stuffed in between. Kettuvallam /Kettuvallom (Houseboats in Kerala) is steered by two persons in deep waters by means of oars. Long bamboo poles or 'punts' are used to propel in shadow areas. Bamboo beams sprouting off on the sides are used as foot holds for the same a senior oarsman and a helper control the houseboat by singing songs and chants for inspiration. A box of sand, a few bricks in interior facilitate cooking on lower racks, with storage on the upper ones. Food and necessary items are stored in shelves sleeping quarter is on the uppermost racks, which have the best ventilation and accessibility. The interior space can also be used for the same when there is no cargo. Fresh water is stored in earthenware pots.

Colour and texture of Houseboats

backwaters vacation kerala houseboatsThe colour of houseboats Valavara is yellowish brown, which is the colour of the natural materials like panambu, coir and bamboo. It is a warmer colour comparing to the colour of the surrounding atmosphere. This gives a nice feeling of being inside the Vallam. Bamboo is used for the framework of the roof and splits of Bamboo are used for weaving mat for roofing. Bamboo poles are used for punting the Vallams. It is strong fiber and absorbs more carbon. Latest houseboats have modern interiors.

Furnishings in houseboats

The interior furniture of houseboats are either of cane or wood, floor carpeted with coir mat or wood panels. Valavara of panambu, Bamboo and coir all colours matching each other but bring the depth and variations in vision.

Lighting inside the houseboats

kerala backwaters floating houseboats Lights and the patterns of lights and darkness itcreates can call our attention to one a rear of our room de-emphasize others and thereby create division of spaces. At night the traditional hurricane lamp is used to light the interiors. Usually each one is hung from the ridge of Valavara one at front, one at rear and one or two accordingly for the living spaces. And mostly for half of a month there will be moonlight, which gives enough light, reflected on water. Modern houseboats uses Generator sets or Solar power to provide lighting and other power requirements inside the houseboats.