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Fateh Sagar Lake

This lake is located north of Lake Pichola and is linked to it by acanal. It was originally constructed by Maharana Jai Singh in 1678 andwas later reconstructed after its destruction by floods by MaharajahFateh Singh. Tourists can enjoy motor boat rides and also visit theisland garden situated in the midst of lake called the Nehru Park.

ComeNovember and the rich tradition of Rajasthan comes alive at Pushkar. Asmall little hamlet, just around 18 kms from the religious city ofAjmer, Pushkar, is host to an annual event called the Pushkar fair. Thefair visited by foreigners and Indian alike is perhaps the largestgathering for a fair from tourists all around the world in Rajasthan.Held in the Hindu month of Kartik or November, thefair is a great crowdpuller.

Synonymous with the world's largest camel and cattle fair, thePushkar fair indeed is a unique experience. The onset of wintersbringing the cool winds from the south west, the golden sand dunesreflecting various colours with every phase of the Sun; adding to thenatural colours are not only the vibrantly dressed men and women or theshops selling various colourful goods, but also the decorated andbedecked Camel and cattle which are at sale here. The charm of the fairand also the reason behind it becoming the world famous fair is itsoriginal and very rural charm. Here the people spontaneously break intoa song or a dance; they forget their daily miseries and enjoy the cameland the cattle races. They buy goodies and make merry. All this adds tothe charm of the place and that too with a religious touch to it.

Pushkarhas the only temple in India dedicated to Lord Brahma, creator of thethree worlds. According to a legend, as Lord Brahma was searching for asuitable place to perform a yagnya, the lotus fell of his hands and theplace where it fell sprung out water. Since then the lake of Pushkarwas formed. The lake still stands with 52 bathing Ghat on its banks.People throng to these ghat to take a dip in the holy lake and washaway all their sins, as is the popular belief here. It was on the fullmoon day in the month of Kartik that the lake was formed. Thisreligious reason has given the world an opportunity to be a part of oneof the most spectacular fairs of the world.