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about us


Think of "LeapOn" as a lovely big organic nest. Our members are like birds, flying all over the world, bringing back little gems of recommendations and top tips, to make a tempting honeycomb of travel inspiration. You can dip in without joining, but is not it nicer to share? You can rate and comment on experiences, as well as adding your own to the mix. You can even do it while you are on the go, leaving you with a holiday record that will last longer than your tan and that weird liqueur you brought back.

Join us for an experience of a lifetime where we will be only too pleased to provide an enjoyable experience for you. We love feedback, so be in touch! If you have got suggestions or irks, email us so we can grow - that's what the LeapOn community is all about. Happy travels - and we hope to see your experiences when you get back, if not before!

The LeapOn Team

Personal experience

All of our staff are experienced. They have been arranging successful holidays in our area of expertise for years, and they all have extensive, personal and recent experience of travel themselves. We are genuinely different from most other travel companies. We ensure that our staff, as well as our directors, remain up-to-date and in touch by travelling in the places in which we operate, staying in the accommodation we offer, meeting the people who host, guide and transfer our clients, and testing excursions and experiences.

In-depth knowledge

We believe this investment to be essential. It provides our clients with unrivalled and current, in-depth knowledge of our destinations, which is one crucial ingredient in providing a successful tailor-made service. Some of our destinations are fairly new to tourism and have limited and/or fragile infrastructures; in these places, we travel regularly to ensure standards, negotiate improvements and to devise ways to minimise the difficulties of travelling in these emerging destinations.


Our Company was established in 2010